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In the fast-paced digital world, the primary aim of API optimization is not just to enhance speed but also to reduce costs. Traditional methods like centralized caching and database optimizations are effective but often lead to increased complexity and costs as user numbers grow.

Resilis addresses this by offering Edge Optimization. Utilizing over 300 global edge servers, Resilis not only speeds up APIs by bringing optimization and security closer to the user but also significantly reduces costs. This is achieved by offloading requests to the edge, reducing the load on central servers and minimizing infrastructure expenses. Smart cache invalidation strategies in Resilis further ensure data accuracy, contributing to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of API performance.

Asynchronous request processing in Resilis also plays a key role. This approach effectively manages high-traffic situations for suitable write requests, maintaining fast response times and further driving down costs by optimizing server utilization under heavy load.

Use Cases

Resilis is particularly effective in scenarios demanding fast and cost-efficient API performance:

  1. Handling Traffic Surges: Ensures fast, cost-effective API performance during peak traffic.
  2. Real-Time Data Processing: Ideal for applications requiring quick and economical data access.
  3. Scalability for Frequent API Requests: Enhances speed and reduces costs in systems with high API traffic.
  4. Efficient Content Distribution: Speeds up and lowers the cost of API calls in content management systems.


  • Cache Invalidation: Keeps data current, enhancing speed and reducing costs.
  • Advanced Analytics: Provides insights into API performance, speed, and cost efficiency.
  • Rate Limiting & Geo Restrictions: Controls access while optimizing speed and cost across various locations.
  • Asynchronous Requests: Manages high volumes efficiently, ensuring fast responses and cost-effective server use.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with existing systems using OpenAPI and Postman, facilitating easy and cost-effective integration.

Target Audience

Designed for businesses and developers focused on achieving fast, secure, scalable, and cost-effective API performance, especially in environments with high traffic and real-time data processing needs.