Deliver fast & reliable APIs at Scale

Resilis scales your APIs by processing requests closer to users at over 300 edge locations. This ensures low latency, secure, and consistent performance regardless of traffic volume.

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Scale  With Confidence

Resilis ensures happy users and at least 30% cost savings on your API infrastructure.

Our Offerings

Lightning Fast Speed
Experience fast, secure, reliable API performance with Resilis. Our global edge locations process requests close to your users, ensuring quick, responsive interactions and preventing slowdowns and crashes, even during peak traffic.
Performance monitoring & Reliability
Stay informed with real-time, location-aware performance monitoring. Gain insights into your API's performance across different regions, ensuring you can maintain optimal service.
Cost Savings
With edge caching and asynchronous processing, Resilis reduces server load, allowing you to handle high traffic efficiently and cutting infrastructure expenses by at least 20%.

No Code

Stream­lined Integration

Seamlessly integrate Resilis into your infrastructure using OpenAPI or Postman, achieving a code-free setup in less than 5 minutes.

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global edge locations

Low Latency, Seamless User Experience, and Robust Security

Global edge locations not only improve performance but also act as the first line of defense for your API infrastructure.


Advanced API Edge Optimization

Edge Caching

Our globally distributed edge servers bring API responses closer to users, reducing latency and amplifying performance. Resilis purge caches in real-time based on API usage behavior.

Robust Security

Resilis is meticulously engineered with DDoS, WAF, and Bot protection mechanisms, ensuring the paramount safety, security, and integrity of your APIs and associated data assets.

Asynchronous Requests

Resilis' asynchronous request processing, with its retry feature, helps flatten request spikes, ensuring efficient handling of high-traffic scenarios for consistent system performance.

Advanced Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of your API usage patterns, performance metrics, and user behavior. Leverage these insights to drive optimizations and offer superior experiences.

Rate Limit

Rate limiting controls API request volumes, preventing overload and ensuring steady performance, especially in peak times.

Geo Restrictions

Enhance security and performance with geo restrictions, allowing you to control API access based on user location, optimizing data flow and enhancing regulatory compliance.