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Optimizing API performance for low latency and cost-effectiveness is critical in ensuring a seamless user experience and maximizing operational efficiency. While traditional methods like centralized caching and database optimizations are effective, they can become complex and expensive with user growth. Resilis addresses this challenge by using edge optimization and caching strategies to optimize API performance. You can think of this as a globally distributed reverse proxy strategy or simply as a CDN for real-time data. With over 300 global edge locations, Resilis improves API performance and security by processing requests closer to users.

Resilis offers a comprehensive edge-based solution that guarantees fast and cost-effective API performance, delivering a secure, globally low-latency experience with enhanced DDoS attack protection. It also provides real-time insights and location-specific performance monitoring, along with mutation-based cache invalidation for handling dynamic API data. Resilis also features simple integration with Open API and Postman collections.

Additionally, Resilis incorporates asynchronous request processing. This method effectively handles high-traffic scenarios for appropriate write requests, keeping response times fast and further reducing costs by optimizing server use under heavy loads.

When and Why You Need Resilis

  1. Handling Traffic Surges: Ensures fast and cost-effective API performance during peak traffic times, preventing slowdowns and crashes.
  2. High-Traffic API Optimization: Delivers low latency and cost savings for systems with heavy API usage, improving user experience.
  3. Speedy Content Delivery: Accelerates and reduces the cost of API calls in content management systems, enhancing content distribution.
  4. Location-Aware Performance Monitoring: Provides real-time insights into API performance based on location, ensuring optimal performance for users across different regions. The edge-based architecture enables accurate and efficient monitoring.
  5. Robust Security and DDoS Protection: Implements advanced security measures and DDoS protection to safeguard API endpoints and infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted service and data integrity. Performance monitoring includes security metrics to detect and mitigate potential threats.
  6. Blockchain Data Access: Resilis optimizes access to immutable blockchain transaction data through efficient caching, reducing latency and network load for blockchain companies.

Use Cases

Let’s examine these two unique scenarios:

Business A:

You run a large e-commerce online retail store, and your major sales events (Black Friday, discount sales, etc.) are approaching. During these peak times, your API will need to handle three to ten times the normal request load. To avoid server crashes, slow processing times, and reduced conversion rates due to a sluggish website, your API must be highly performant and responsive.

A poor user experience can have significant negative impacts on your business. Server crashes can lead to extended downtime, making your site inaccessible and causing potential revenue loss. Slow processing times frustrate users, leading to abandoned carts and a decline in customer satisfaction. Lower conversion rates can occur because customers are less likely to complete purchases on a slow or unresponsive site. In the competitive landscape of online retail, especially during high-stakes sales events, any delay or technical issue can drive customers to competitors.

Business B:

You have an app that enables forex traders to place trades, and access liquidity pools and other financial market features. Events and occasions drive traffic to applications like this, resulting in peak hours in the API request chart. These events are not anticipated, unlike the sales day in the previous use case. You will need a battle-tested technology that handles unexpected peak hours for your application when it is least expected and that is where Resilis comes in.

Resilis balances your app requests in both scenarios across edge servers in all relevant regions, Resilis delivers faster responses, readily available data, and reduced API call costs, providing a seamless experience even during peak traffic. This ensures that your customers enjoy a fast, reliable shopping experience, maximizing your sales opportunities and customer satisfaction.

How to Setup with Resilis

Currently, we support importing your Open API specifications or your Postman Collection to Resilis, and our technology will automatically engineer your API to give optimal results with edge technology.

We have made these detailed and simple guides for you to follow while setting up Resilis: